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Qualified homes for Angelridge dogs and puppies:


                    Show home- home with interest in participating in sanctioned dog shows,                 trials and events to obtain titles.  Dogs that will be OFA certified with all required                 health clearances...dogs are not spayed or neutered.

                    Breeding home- must be show home and must be co owned with                 Angelridge unless otherwise agreed upon

                Pet home- home that will love cherish fulfill and commit to the life of a dog for                 it entirety providing proper lifestyle and health for the the breed.  A loving family.                  All dogs are spay or neutered.

              *Show/Standard quality-  puppy or dog that meets the Rhodesian                 Ridgeback standard.  A puppy or dog that does not have any physical deviations                 or health deviations.  Angelridge specifically breeds for this purpose.                  Angelridge's goal is for all puppies to be this quality!

               Pet quality- puppy or dog with a slight deviation from the Rhodesian                 Ridgeback standard example: extra crowns on ridge or short ridge, runt of litter,                 extreme white markings, crooked teeth etc.

               Ridgeless- puppy or dog born with no ridge 

               Rehome- dogs that have been returned to Angelridge due                 to unforeseen circumstances.  Puppies or young dogs deemed to stay that no                 longer make the cut to be show quality hence health or physical traits.
Price of an Angelridge Rhodesian Ridgeback:
(Prices are subject to change)

Show/Standard quality to Show home - $2000 and up   *****NOTE****Our goal quality*

Show/Standard quality to Pet Home- $1800       ****NOTE**** Our goal quality*

Pet quality to Pet Home- $1600

Ridgeless- $1000

Rehomed adults or puppies- $800 or less


*************Prices DO NOT include spay or neuter, shipping or accessories****************

*********Prices DO include first vaccinations with veterinarian check, microchip, deworming, registration, health and temperament guarantee, and puppy pack*************

****NOTE***Puppies or adult dogs are not readily available!  We carefully plan every litter****

*Applications available on Nursery Page *

Application process:   
                                                -Application must be filled out in full and returned to Angelridge

                                                -Angleridge collects a reasonable amount to applications that qualify as potential puppy homes.  You will be informed                                                 immediately if your application has been rejected with opportunity to discuss.

                                                -Once puppies are born qualified applications are reviewed and rated.  Highest rated applications with be contacted with                                                 opportunity to reserve a puppy with a $500 non refundable deposit to guarantee you a puppy

                                                -Applications not chosen at this time have the opportunity to wait for the next litter or be referred to another breeder.

*Please be advised breeder and stud dogs owners always take priority in reserving puppies, next show puppies to show homes, then homes that have previously owned an Angelridge puppy and then others*
OFA -Orthepedic Foundation for Animals - Health Clearances